The Hollywood Film Camp designs programs for new filmmakers to introduce them to the Hollywood film industry. Through our guest speakers panels, practical workshops, industry lectures; introducing pitching, production, distribution, and publicity. Students will obtain an accurate overview of the film industry in Hollywood. Providing them a platform to develop their filmmaking goals and polish their skills.

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Writing & Producing

Our intensive classes are designed to allow students to produce a short film. The instructors will teach and assist students the filmmaking workflow from script, production through editing.



Onset Filming

Students will arrive early on a Hollywood local film set to apply the skills they have learned in our filmmaking classes. They will work with each other to produce a short film in a 12 hour day to simulate a real Hollywood production.


VR/360 Video

Our classes will introduce students to Virtual Reality (VR), Live streaming, 360 degree videos, and aerial filming. They will have the opportunity to experience the latest video trends.


Guest speakers

Our workshop host a panel of Hollywood professionals who provide the latest Hollywood industry key points. This is a great opportunity to get a first hand overview and allow them to network and ask questions.


Film related field trips

Our field trips brings our students to industry film studios, post-production facilities, and motion picture equipment companies. An amazing experience to appreciate the film industry from different angles.


Final Screening

Students will celebrate their completion of our classes by featuring their short films at our partnered screening location. Award and certificate completion will be presented at the end of screening.


Students have strong interest in performing arts are welcomed to our program. Actors will participate in our studio productions to build up professional reel and work with film crew. Students will concentrate on cold reading, staging and acting along with film production skills.

*Students will have the opportunity to be featured in a television guest spot annually with our partnered TV Channel.

Our Partnerships


We work with local film sets, Film LA, Samy's Camera, Stray Angel Films and Hollywood professionals to provide students best introduction to filmmaking. Workshop locations varies between UCLA and CalState University System providing students with an astonishing learning experiences.


Seminar and Housing Location CSULA

2017 student seminar with accommodation will be at California State University, Los Angeles. We work directly with local universities for student classes and housing. We provide students the opportunity to interact with local students and a comfortable learning environment. Film production will be held at a local standing set in Los Angeles area. All programs and workshops are solely owned and operated by The Hollywood Film Camp.