2017 Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Related Question

1. How to apply?
You can apply to The Hollywood Film Camp by hitting 'ADMISSIONS' on our website. After submitting your application request, our staff will guide you through the application process. Due to huge application request, all applicants have to follow our on-line application steps.

2. What documents do I need to submit?

All applicants must submit and agree the following:

  • A completed application packet
  • Read The Hollywood Film Camp terms of agreement
  • US applicants, a $500 non-refundable deposit/ per week (payable to The Hollywood Film Camp) are also required in order to secure your place in the program. If there is no space or you are not accepted to the program, your deposit will be returned. Applications that do not pay a deposit will not be reviewed.

2. How do I make a payment?

You may make the payment through your online account using a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or you may send in a personal check or wire transfer after you complete the online application. Please contact our office for wire transfer details.

3. What is our application deadline?

HFC operates under a rolling admissions policy, meaning that our admissions office reviews and decides on applications as they are received until there are no openings left in the session/program. We are on a first come first serve basis. Applicants are generally notified of their admissions status within two weeks from the time our office receives a complete application packet. We highly recommend early application as space is competitive and limited.

4. What experience is required?

We do not require or expect our film students or actors in our camp to have experience. We start from the basics but we move at an extremely fast pace. However, we designed this summer program for advanced student to polish their skills on studio filming, writing, partnered media channel, and guest speakers networking.

5. Do you offer financial aid or scholarship?

Financial limitations should not discourage you from applying to our summer program. We have a limited amount of scholarship available on the basis of demonstrated need. Unfortunately, we cannot offer financial assistance to International Students at this time.

6. Do we accept international students?

Absolutely. Over twenty-five percent of our students  came from outside the United States. A Tourist Visa is all that is required to attend the camp. You do not need to apply for a Student Visa for educational programs less than 6 months in duration.

7. What's the Language requirement for International Students?
Our summer programs are intensives, and it is designed differently than other similar camps. Students must be able to speak and share their ideas through basic conversation. Students' Listening and Comprehension level should be at least beyond basic level. However, our faculty will avoid using too many film terms, and the lecture will be based on hands-on practice. Please let us know about your language concern for us to assist you. We are welcoming all talented student overseas to apply. Film making should be fun and easy as our mission.

8. How big is the class?

We keep our class group small so each student gets individualized attention and simulate film production.

Parental Question

1. What's supervision for our summer film camp?

The priority at our film camp is the safety and well being of our students. The Hollywood Film Camp has a full staff of qualified supervisors on-duty at all times during the program and also at our housing location. All of our teaching assistants are at least twenty-one years of age and have strong leadership skills and experience. For supervision and students rules, please read our application packet.

2. What's the housing, drug and alcohol policy?

Alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited on all our campuses. HFC supervisors have the right to search rooms for illegal substances. Any student who violates this policy will be immediately sent home without a refund.

General Class Question

1. How does the student get to our LA campus?

Our staff does LAX airport transfers for domestic students on the first and last days of the complete camp program*. We will greet your child at the flight's baggage claim area (for domestic flights) or outside of customs when they arrive, and drop them off at the airline's check-in counter when they leave; unfortunately, we cannot escort them beyond security. There is an airport transfer fee of $65 for LAX. For our pick up and drop off services, or international students, please contact us directly at info@hollywoodfilmcamps.com

For Minors:
An additional fee of $150 round trip for students who are registered as unaccompanied minors with their airline. Please be sure to contact our office if your child is traveling under this designation. Names for Unaccompanied Minor pick up will not be available until a few days before the program start date. For details of minors supervision and rules, please contact us for more information.

2. Can I apply as a day student (Commuter)?

Yes, we accept both local day students and students with housing. We separate our Tuition and Room & Board apart. We also provide day student with lunch at our lunch break. However, 90% of our students stay in dorms, and it's better for students' networking and camp socialization. Day students are also invited to participate in any and all extra-curricular activities. Day students are also welcome to our LA field trips with additional fees. 

3. What do I learn at The Hollywood Film Camp?

In this intensive program, we teach students to write a 3-5 minute short film, to pitch in the classes, and we train the students from pre-production to post-production. Then we bring the students to local studio set we partnered with. It is a unique chance other than other film school in Los Angeles. We want to provide students the latest industrial practice, training and networking.

4. How many guest speakers you invite every term?

Every year, our industry relation department make efforts to invite 3-4 professionals to speak with our students. Because the size of our class, every student has the chance to talk to our guest speakers for their career insights, and get feedback. It's a great opportunity for beginner and advanced students who want to know more about the industry from marketing to distribution. Due to our speakers' schedule, we keep the guest speaking panel schedule flexible during our camp period.

Housing Question

1. How many students share a room? How do you assign students?
2-4 students assigned per room, depending on the campus location we partner with. We use age and your application packet to pair students housing.

2. Can I request the room with my friends together?

If you would like to room with someone specific, please email us after you have applied to make the request. We must receive the request from both parties to honor the roommate request.

3. What does the dormitory like?

Every year we work with different college and university to provide student different LA experience. Our room typically is furnished with a desk, chair, bed, mattress, wardrobe/closet and dresser for each student, as well as a set of window drapes. Rooms at LA Campuses have air conditioning. 

4. How do I do laundry?

We have laundry room in our housing unit. We recommend that you use them at least once during the program. You'll need approximately $4-$5 to wash and dry.